You've landed on the forever growing list of loved podcasts, that challenge my perspective and will listen to when I can during the day. 

The list is split up into Gardening, Business and Culture & Life and with suggested gem episodes that struck a chord. 


The Daily Gardener

the daily gardener

Anecdotes and discussions let by Jennifer over botanical history gardening ideas and techniques.An episode you could start with on March 9th, 2022, talking about the art of Edible Flowers. 

+ Listen here.

Roots and all

roots & all

An all-rounder, Sarah's podcast gives a fresh perspective on growing techniques to make the most of your outdoor space. An episode you could start with 'Cosmos & HollyHocks with Jonathan Sheppard', the holder of the national collection of hollyhock and cosmos collections.

+ Listen here.

In Defence of Plants

in defence of plants

This podcast is for anyone that is a bit plant-mad; host Matt explores the world of plants and why they are a good thing for the planet. Each episode has nuggets of information that make you look at your garden in a whole new light.

+ Start with this episode on plant architecture.

Sod Show Podcast

the sod show

You may have already heard about this one. Award-winning landscape garden designer Peter Donegan explores talks with others in the horticultural industry - giving insights and good gardening wit. 

+ Try this episode with Landscape designer Ed Burnham.

Growing Wild

growing wild

For relaxing at the end of the day, Charlotte explores different environmental issues and shares her general love for the outdoors. Topics can be anything from wild swimmers to soil scientists; nature connections are aplenty.

+ Start with this episode on the soil.


How I Built This

how I built this

A household staple, but there has been many a thing I have picked up from the wisdom conversations with founders who are on the same, well-trodden path as any entrepreneur. One I have listened to a few times is with the founders of Headspace Andy and Rich and their path to transforming the business from physical to digital. 

+ Listen here.

Tim Ferriss

tim ferris show

This kind of sits between business and life; although many guests are business leaders, it is really about what makes them tick. Each interview has buckets of great tips, human stories and book recommendations that have influenced me. I always will recommend to anyone starting their business; the interview with Greg McKeown and his book Essentialism. 

+ Listen here.

Creative Lives In Progress

creative lives in progress

As a creative, career talks often could feel like a square peg in a round hole. Creative lives do a great job filling the gap with a varied response of guests talking through the journey to their creative careers. With this one, dive into one you identify with and listen to them share their story. 

+ Listen here.

Masters of Scale

masters of scale

This show feels a bit like having multiple morning coffees. Take the show with a pinch of salt, and it leaves you brimming with ideas, albeit a bit wired. Try starting with:

+ Listen to What great founders do at night with Arianna Huffington.

REV Podcast

rev on air - sustainable stories

An exploration of sustainable living with plenty of good things you can apply to daily life, hosted by Cora, one of the co-founders of Reve En Vert. I'd recommend starting with one of the below:

+ The Power of Individual Climate Activism with Elizabeth Wathuti.
+ Organic Gardening and the Future of Sustainable Agriculture with Charles Dowding.

The Entrepreneurs

monocle 24: the entrepreneurs

You may be already into this one or familiar with their magazine. It's short, 30 minutes with business leaders. I was (not surprisingly) interested in the talk with Canadian Landscape Architect Claude Cormier.

+ Listen here.

Method in the Madness

method in the madness

An all-rounder show that delves deep into the creative world with inspiring business founders. The show also covers leadership, productivity and personal development. 

+ Listen here.

life + culture

home cooking with samin nosrat

home cooking with samin nosrat

Samin Nosrat influenced how I cook scrambled eggs (see her recipe in Salt Fat Acid Heat), something I never thought I could make better.But aside from her egg prowess, the show is a warm and joyous listen and has great recipes. 

+ Listen here.

The Moth Podcast

the moth

This show may be in your discovered pile already. The Moth can't go unmentioned; it can make me go through waves of emotion which can be awkward if on the bus.

+ Listen here.


About Race with Reni Eddo-Lodge

about race 

This podcast is the continuation of Reni Eddo-Lodge's best selling book Why I'm No Longer talking to White People About RaceLearn more about race within the context of British politics and culture.

+ Start from the beginning. 

Intelligence Squared

intelligence squared

Run by the Economist group, intellectually squared hosts a range of talks in London with thought leaders with different perspectives. The discussion with Mary Beard, Laurie Penny and Miriam Gonzalez on the topic of Women in Power is a great one to start.

+ Listen here.

Ali B Airpod

ali b airpod

Not strictly in the same theme; it is a music podcast. A complete music blend of old wonders by DJ Ali B. The tracks mix into one satisfying set, making it my go-to when out running. 

+ Listen here.

how to fair podcast

how to fail

The world is full of unicorns; I find it easy to forget that everyone makes mistakes. I love the honesty of this show. You can't help but love Elizabeth for always getting me thinking about the topic. You could start with a talk with Dr Rangan Chatterjee discussing small, sustainable choices to make us happier and healthier. 

+ Listen here.

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I would love to hear about your go-to podcasts and episodes that get you going back for more.
I promise to give them a listen and let you know when I have.