how to grow seeds indoors

It's always a very good question to ask when you start grow seeds indoors, often, once you have it sussed it will become your go to grow space!

Seedlings Grow

We're a big believers in the process to grow seeds indoors where possible, it protects the seeds and sprouts from birds, other visiting wildlife and if he's still around - jack frost.

Find a space that gets good indirect sunlight, we want your sprouts to have a good amount of light, but too much can dry out your soil if you forget it, and in extreme cases dry the little seedlings to a crisp.

Think about how the space is currently used, if your cat currently sits on that windowsill, they might well try and sit on the sprouts.

Not to hot, not too cool. Seeds grow best at a temperature of 18-24°C

Warm bottoms! For an extra boost, find where there is natural bottom heat - top of a fridge is a good one.

If you place your seeds by a window, remember to turn your seeds so they grow evenly.

Every plant is slightly different, in some cases, they do better being planted directly outside or in their pots as they don't like to be moved Be sure to check the growing guide or packet for any quirks!