what are my plant leaves telling me?

Garden Plant Advice


So we might not be able to lip read, and as much as we talk to our plants they aren’t talking back so here are the best things to spot from what they are trying to tell you from their leaves.

plant leaves dry and crispy = your plant is thirsty

There is often a middle stage between them getting brown, which is the best moment to water but it’s never too late to try.

no new growth = your plant is thirsty

If your plant is looking a little skimpy, chances are you need to up your watering schedule moderately.

yellow leaves at the edges = your plant is overwatered

Try watering less frequently, but do not stop all together. In time, you’ll get to know the rhythm of your plants and how often they need a drink.

they’re dropping leaves or discoloured = overwatered

It’s the number one killer of plants, and it’s not just the watering can. If you have planted in pots, you’ll want to check your plant has adequate drainage and holes in the bottom.

they’re looking a bit pale = hungry

Feed your plants with some liquid fertiliser, sometimes they just need some more iron. You can move the plant into a new, slightly bigger pot with some more soil if you need some.