nigella ‘love in a mist’ seeds


blue nigella flowers + dried seed pods.

A rom-com of the garden, these sky-blue beauties, may look wispy and delicate, but nigella is no damsel in distress and will be hardy to an English frost.

why it's special:

  • Nigella seeds are easy to germinate and quick to grow.
  • Long season of blooms, even in the cooler months.
  • Blooms make for excellent cut or dried flowers for your home with sculptural seed pods.
  • Makes for great ground coverage over spring bulbs.

good to know:

Plant LightShade friendly

Windowsill PlantGrows in pots

Windowsill Plant Fuss free

PlantCut flowers

Open pollinated, GMO free seeds.

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botanical name
Nigella damascena

Love-in-a-mist, Bird's Nest, Miss Jekyl, Ragged lady or Devil in the bush

700 seeds

plant size
Height: 50cm
Width: 30cm

container size
Width: 15cm

Indoor: Mar-May
Outdoor: Apr-Jun + Aug-Sep

grow time
Germination: 14-30 days
Matures: 90 days

Sow: 5cm apart
Plant: 15cm apart

what they love
Light: Full Sun, Partial Shade
Soil: Moist but well-drained
Water: Once or twice a week in dry periods
Food: Every month during growing months

companion plants
Strawberries + carrots

our tips
They are a fairly hardy flower, which is why they require low maintenance. However, if you have planted them in a particularly windy location, it is best to support the stems with a cane.

brings to your garden
Makes the bees happy
Self seeds for years to come
Great ground coverage over spring bulbs

Many gardeners like to gather the decorative dried seed pots for use in dry arrangements. When the pods begin to brown, clip them off and hang them in small bunches to dry.

makes for great
Cut flowers and dry arrangements.

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