Here Comes the Sun - Kid's Gardening Set


bright ideas for kids inspired from the sun.

Get to know all that is wonderful about the sun, how it affects all of us and nature around. Grow Calendula and Bread Poppies and make sun prints and sun catchers. 

why it's special:

  • Grow kits include the seeds, soil discs and labels.
  • Each box comes with a guide booklet illustrated with easy to follow instructions for independent learning.
  • Each activity is themed around an element of nature, learn about the wind, pollination and growing plants.
  • Every guide has been created by teachers with a love of Montessori, Forest School and Steiner so you'll get the most out of learning + fun.
  • Recommended for 3+ years.
  • No outdoor space needed.

good to know:

Plant LightMotor skills

Windowsill PlantMontessori inspired

Windowsill PlantIndependent play


Open pollinated + GMO free seeds.