summer kids' seasonal box


connect kids with the outdoors + nature.

A collection of 3 plants to grow, 3 craft activities and lots of things to do and see. 
Grow Radish French Breakfast, Cornflowers + Coriander. Make Dream Catchers, Bloom Candles + Nature Artworks. Get inspired to create Rainbow Ice Blocks, Courgette Cake and discover how to make Compost. 

why it's special:

  • Grow kits include the seeds, soil discs, pots and labels.
  • Crafts include the materials needed to make them.
  • Each activity is themed around an element of nature, learn about the wind, pollination and growing plants.
  • Every craft and growing activity has been created by teachers with a love of Montessori, Forest School and Steiner so you'll get the most out of learning + fun.
  • Recommended for 3+ years.
  • No outdoor space needed.

good to know:

Plant LightMotor skills

Windowsill PlantMontessori inspired

Windowsill PlantIndependent play


Open pollinated, GMO free seeds + plastic free.