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Herboo Seeds
Herboo Seeds

At Herboo, gardens are any space. From our seed packets to growing guides, grow kits to style inspiration—Herboo is all about inspiring everyone to make a garden.

I am Henry. Starting Herboo, I wanted to make growing plants and having a garden an easy journey. Living in London, renting and moving around, I’ve had little say in the interior decoration of a place. But, I always would gravitate towards making the window boxes grow or turning the garden into a great place to unwind.

Henry Kimber
Henry Kimber

Getting into gardening is relatively simple; getting it right can be an ongoing challenge. I was lucky to be introduced to gardening as a child by my Granny Shirley, she would take me on her infamous garden tour and give me something to grow.

If you go onto Pinterest and type in “garden”, you will find a zillion boards of “my future garden” (Seriously, go on and see!). They are all great, filled with beautiful plants, borders, outdoor space, and lawns. But living in a city, you deal with different conditions—space, light, using containers—and a busy mind can be a bit overwhelming when trying to keep your new plants alive.

There are plenty of options for great plants, but when it comes to seeds, I often find myself delving deeply, first trying to find some interesting varieties to grow - and then getting lost in the conflicting advice on how to sow, sprout, and enjoy the plants. That's why we have a concise curation, sets for style or space and kits to get you started.

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Now we have you here, feel free to look around, get your hands on some flowers and start your journey to make a garden.

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