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Hi, welcome to Herboo!

Starting Herboo, I wanted to make growing plants and having your own garden an easy task. Living in London, renting and moving round, I’ve had little say on the interior decoration of a place. But always found myself gravitating to making the window boxes grow or the garden a great place to be in.

Getting into gardening is relatively simple, getting it right can be a bit more of an ongoing challenge. If you go onto Pinterest and type in garden you’ll find a zillion boards of “my future garden” (Seriously, go on and see!). They’re all great, filled with beautiful plants, borders, outdoor space, lawns. But living in a city, you have different conditions, space, light, using containers and a busy mind which can be a bit overwhelming when trying to keep your new plants alive.

There is plenty out there for great plants, but when it comes to seeds, I'd often find myself having a real deep dive, trying to first find some great things to grow and then getting lost in the conflicting ways to sow, grow and enjoy the plants.

Herboo is all about making a garden, anywhere. Whatever your age, your space, whether you are growing indoors, a window box, terrace or garden beds. We select our plant varieties thinking about growing in the city and provide all the information and support you need to grow with ease.

I was lucky to be introduced to gardening by my Granny Shirley at a young age, who would always show me around hers and give me something to grow. Not all kids get this in schools or in the cities. We make kids garden + nature craft boxes for kids to get the growing, learning about nature and enjoying being outdoors.

Now we have you here, feel free to take a look around, get your hands on our products and let us know what you think.

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