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How to Sow Flowers Indoors

Discover how to sow annuals indoors for an early splash of color in your garden. This approach, perfect for growing annual flowers, ranks as one of the best methods to get ahead with flowers like ageratum, antirrhinum, and scabious. It's ideal for flowers to grow from seed, including favorites like French marigold, nigella, and zinnia.

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Discover how to sow annuals indoors for an early splash of colour in your garden and longer, stronger blooms to see you through the growing season.

Step 1

Start by making sure you have cleaned all of your pots, just incase there were any plant issues from last year. Use multi-purpose, peat-free compost and vermiculite in a seed tray or small pots. Firm the compost before sowing, evenly space the seeds, and then cover them with a light layer of vermiculite, perlite, or sieved compost.

Sowing Flower Seeds
Sowing Flower Seeds

Step 2

Place the pot in a well-lit spot. If you struggle with light, you can also acquire a grow light to give consistent light to grow. Wait for short, stocky seedlings to emerge. Once the true leaves are large enough to handle, the seedlings are ready to be transplanted. Avoid tall, leggy seedlings as they are fragile and prone to damage.

Garden Chair Ideas
Garden Chair Ideas

Step 3

Gently tap the pot to ease out the seedlings. Handle them carefully by their seed leaves, not the stems, to prevent harm. Then, pot the seedlings singly for optimal growth.


This guide will help you grow a beautiful display of annual flowers, sown indoors in late winter, ready to plant out once the last frosts have passed.

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