Indoor Gardening

If adding some much-needed green into your home has been a bit struggle, here are a few indoor gardening tips to give you a few helpful suggestions to grow plants indoors.  

choose the right plants 

A great place to start is choose plants that suit your space, even the most brilliant of gardeners can’t make a sun-loving plant thrive in a cool, shady area. So, pick plants that are suited to the light levels you have and think where they will be positioned.  

place with care 

When positioning your houseplants, position to avoid any extreme conditions, too much direct sunlight can fry a plant, equally too little and they can struggle to grow. Avoid placing plants over direct sources of heat, such as a radiator.  

avoid shady areas  

Ensure there is enough light, they need it to photosynthesise and create food to grow.  

pot on to bigger pots 

Aim to give plants new pots every 2 years, this will give them more space if their roots have grown through and also fresh nutrients in the soil.  

indoor gardening supplies 

Have to the ready a mister to bring some humidity, removing dust and helping with any pest or disease outbreaks. A long-spouted watering can for deep soaks and a hand fork for any planting.  

water wisely 

Check your plant’s soil before watering, and only water when you have an inch of dry soil at the top. When watering, let the pot soak for up to 30 minutes then remove any access water, it will keep the roots healthy and make sure the plant doesn’t get waterlogged and drown.  

inside seasons 

During the winter months, your plants will naturally slow down. Keep them in cool positions, away from radiators and if possible close enough to window to get what little light we have to keep them ticking through the season. Slow down on watering your plants in winter as they don’t need as much and it can lead to mold and root rot.  

leaf language 

As you keep gardening indoors, you will start to read the signs of any potential problems before they become an issue. We have a guide to this here if you want a few pointers. 

long term indoor planting 

Try to think about plants that will work for your space all year round, house gifts can be beautiful in flower, but then not do so for another year so good to choose plants that you will get the most out of.