Make the most of any small outdoor space with a bit of inspiration. With each garden plant, piece of furniture, water feature or structural element, you can create your ideal garden space.

Discover our ideas for small space gardens below.

Bistro Table Garden

Paul Massey

a table for two?

A bistro-style table (reminding us of croissant stops in Paris) makes for versatile seating and an alfresco dining situation. The chairs can be moved around and even folded away whilst you use the table for potting your plants.

Small Garden Water Fountain

water feature

A water feature in a small garden adds movement, calming sounds and visiting wildlife and birds. When we say water feature, this could be anything from a trickling fountain to a waterfall wall installation. Look for wide shallow pots and seal drainage holes or old zinc planters; either way, ensure there is a way for wildlife to climb out.

Rewind Small Gardens


A sure way to make your space feel like an urban jungle is to bring wildlife. Wildlife needs food, water and shelter to flourish. Opt for hedges over fences if you can, add bird feeders, bug hotels and leave seedheads and fading stems - providing food and shelter.

Chamomile Paving

fill with fragrance

Scented plants have a knack for transporting us to some relaxing escape, made even more intense in a small garden. Plan your seasonal scents to bring fresh fragrances with the passing seasons' Place pots near the door, herbs on the table and use cracks in the patio; so as they occasionally are stepped on and release their fragrance in calming wafts.

Garden Seat Ideas

neat seats

Challenge yourself with the multi-use seating, or integrate the seats with the architecture of the space to utilise every nook. If you are a keen composter, you may want to store your bin under a bench.

Garden Mirrors

mirror appeal

The age-old feng-shui trick; mirrors can make a small space bigger whilst also reflecting light and highlighting points of interest. Hide the edges with climbing plants or choose a tarnished finish to soften the reflection.

Garden Shade

embrace shade

City living often means our green spaces get overshadowed by buildings. Many plants struggle with lower light levels, so get to grips with your shade level and choose plants that work. Ferns, foxgloves and forget-me-nots are great options. Add extra nutrients into the soil to support their growth.

Wall Fern

creative crevices

The tiniest nook can be an opportunity for planting opportunities. Try planting in gaps in paving with compact plants like thyme or chamomile. Wall cracks can hold a fern in the shade and even add hardy succulents to a base of a wall.

Raised Garden Beds

raised garden beds

A backdrop of blooms is ideal for any sized garden. The best way to achieve this in a small garden is using a raised bed; on one boundary wall. Place your bistro table next to it for dinners amongst the flowers.Break it upSay you have a long and thin garden; adding a central bed can bring character and point of interest. Planters of small clipped lavender bushes also can help zone the garden from dining to relaxing or try using different paving.