If you're wondering when and where to plant different seeds, this little guide should help you out. Don't be intimidated by sowing seeds, it's a pretty easy task once you get the hang of it. All you need to do is create the right conditions for them to grow.

To make a seed germinate, you've got to make sure it's getting enough light, the temperature is just right, and there's enough moisture. When these things are in balance, the seed will start to sprout and grow.

In this guide, we provide information on sowing various types of seeds, whether you plan to grow them indoors or outdoors.

Hardy annuals

Such as calendulacornflowernasturtiumpoppysunflower, and sweet pea.
Sow under cover: Feb-Mar (soil temp 8-12°C).
Sow outdoors: Mar-April (soil temp 6-12°C).

Hardy salads and veg

Such as carrots, lettuce, radish, rocket.
Sow under cover: Feb-April (soil temp 10-18°C).
Sow outdoors: March-Sep (soil temp 8-18°C).

Half-hardy flowers

Such as cosmos, tithonia and nicotiana.
Sow under cover: Mar (soil temp 16-24°C) – seeds are best sown indoors.

Tender perennials

Such as dahlia and salvia.
Sow under cover: Jan-Feb (soil temp 18-24°C) – seeds are best sown indoors.


Frost-tender veg

Such as chillies, tomatoes and cucumber.
Sow under cover: April (soil temp 16-28°C).
Sow outdoors: May-June (soil temp at least 10°C).

Hardy perennials

Such as echinacea, rudbeckia and lupin
Sow under cover: Jan-Feb (soil temp 18-21°C).
Sow outdoors: April-June (soil temp at least 10°C).


Such as forget-me-not, foxglove and hollyhock.
Sow under cover: June (soil temp 12-18°C).
Sow outdoors: April-June (soil temp 10-18°C).