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Plant Care

How to Grow Ammi Majus

Ammi majus, a stylish annual, seamlessly blends with your garden, filling bare patches for a natural, fluid look. Its white, cloud-like flowers weave effortlessly around other plants, adding a delicate touch. Its cousin, Ammi visnaga, offers architectural charm with denser flower clusters. Both are ideal for creating effortless, stunning cut-flower displays.

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Ammi Majus and Ammi Visnaga
Ammi Majus and Ammi Visnaga

Grow Ammi Majus From Seed

Sow Ammi seeds in either early autumn or early spring for best results. While Ammi majus self-seeds in the garden, autumn-sown seeds often yield bigger, sturdier, and earlier blooming plants. Use modular trays or small pots for sowing, scattering one or two seeds per module on top of multipurpose or seed compost, then lightly cover with fine compost. As the seedlings grow, transplant them to larger pots until ready for outdoor planting. While they don't require much heat to germinate, protect the trays from inclement weather in a cold frame or unheated greenhouse. Once mature enough, these hardy plants can be planted outdoors in early spring. Alternatively, direct sow in early spring for a late summer bloom. Both varieties are easy to germinate and require minimal care once planted.

Direct sow in early spring for a late summer bloom.

What Ammi Majus Needs

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Watering: Ammi likes lots of water when they get going so try not to let the ground dry out completely. Position: Grow Ammi majus in well-drained soil in sun to partial shade. Pruning: The key to cutting them is to cut the flowers before the pollen starts to shed.

Growing Ammi Majus Across the Season

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Ammi majus seeds can be sown in late February indoors, but are usually sown directly in March.

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Water well before they go into bloom and may need some staking.

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Direct sow in Autumn to over winter and have early Ammi blooms in Spring/Summer.

Ammi Majus S.O.S.

Ammi majus doesn't like waterlogged soil - too much water and the roots rot, killing the plant. It's a no-go for wet, lowland areas. Only water the plant when the soil is bone dry. Not enough light? Your ammi will grow tall and dense, but don't expect many flowers or fruits. Same goes for when the air's too humid during flowering time. Keep in mind, Ammi majus is a big plant with lots of branches. If it's cramped for space, it won't grow as big or as strong. So, make sure it has room to stretch its stems!

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A no-go for waterlogged soil.

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