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Plant Care

How to Grow Chillies

Growing chillies; a world where flavour, heat, and vibrant colours meet. Whether you're starting with chilli seeds or young chilli plants, our guide helps you on how to grow chillies. Learn the nuances of chilli plant care, the steps for germinating chilli seeds, and the techniques for planting chilli seeds that ensure a thriving garden. Perfect for containers and pots, chilli plants are versatile enough for indoor cultivation or basking on sunny patios. From growing chillies in pots to mastering how to grow chillies indoors, we'll help you nurture these fiery favourites every step of the way.

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Growing Chillies
Growing Chillies

Grow Chillies From Seed

Start seeds indoors, ensuring warmth for germination. Fill a seed tray or pots with moist compost, sow seeds on top, and lightly cover with vermiculite or compost. Place in a propagator at 18-25C (64-77F) or use polythene on a sunny windowsill. Germination takes 7-10 days, then transfer seedlings to a warm, sunny spot. Keep the compost evenly moist, avoiding excessive wetness.

The hottest varieties need the longest growing period.

What Chillies Needs

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Watering: Water sparingly for spicier peppers; slight soil stress enhances chilli plant growth. Feeding: Weekly, provide high potassium liquid fertiliser to flowering chilli plants. Position: Chilli plants need a warm full sun spot to grow chillies.

Growing Chillies Across the Season

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Revive last year's chilli plants giving them a haircut and pot on to give roots room to grow.

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Chillies are generally ready for harvesting from mid-summer.

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Once the temperature remains consistently low, it is time for chilli plants to move indoors.

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Sow seeds in late winter to early spring - an early start will give you earlier and longer harvests.

Chillies S.O.S.

There are three main reasons why your chilli seeds might not be sprouting. First, if the seeds are old, they may have lost their mojo over time. To help them out, give older seeds a long soak in a tea solution. Second, not enough moisture can be a problem, so keep the soil consistently damp but not soggy. Use well-draining soil and maybe add some vermiculite to the mix. Lastly, temperature matters! Different chilli types have different preferences. Aim for 20-24 degrees for common varieties and 26-30 degrees for the spicier ones. Just don't subject them to extreme heat or cold.

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Germinate seeds in warm conditions.

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