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Plant Care

How to Grow Parsley

Compact and easy to grow from seeds, parsley yields tangy leaves from summer to autumn. It enhances the aesthetics of veg beds and thrives in containers. Choose curly or flat-leaved varieties for salads, sauces, and cooked dishes. Flat-leaved parsley boasts a stronger taste, making it the preferred choice for cooking.

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Grow Parsley From Seed

To get parsley seeds going, scatter them thinly and cover with a 1cm layer of compost. Keep the soil moist, but remember, it might take a little while for them to sprout. If you're planting directly in the ground, sow the seeds 1cm deep and 30cm apart, and when they grow, thin them out to 15cm spacing. For pots, use seed compost, cover the seeds lightly, and don't let the soil dry out.

Keep the parsley coming by starting new batches every few weeks.

What Parsley Needs

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Watering: Keep Parsley well-watered in the heat, especially if growing it in a pot. Feeding: If you're growing Parsley in the ground, give it a good feed in early spring for some oomph. Position: Parsley loves to be in well-drained soil, in sun or partial shade

Growing Parsley Across the Season

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As it gets warmer, your parsley start growing. Just give it some time to grow before you pick it.

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Harvest fresh leaves for cooking in the kitchen, or dry and store parsley for future use.

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As temperatures cool down, expect slower growth from your parsley as it prepares for dormancy.

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Keep parsley in a sheltered spot and limit leaf picking, so it has reserves for spring growth.

Parsley S.O.S.

To protect parsley from pests like carrot fly, companion plant with garlic or onions, and shield young plants from slugs and snails. Prevent yellowing by avoiding excessive watering and root rot. Ensure proper container drainage and let the soil dry out between watering.

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Avoid water-logging the soil.

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