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Mild Spice

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Perfect for Pots
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Grow Inside
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Grow Your Own
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Mild Spice

ornamental cherry-like spicy chillies.

Chilli peppers don't get prettier than these cherry-shaped chillies that ripen from white to red. A mildly spicy and sweet taste makes them a firm favourite.

why it's special:

  • Mildly spiced chilli, Scoville scale: 2,500–5,000
  • Hardy nature makes them ideal for the patio pot
  • Perfect for a windowsill kitchen garden.

when to sow


when to harvest

Plant size

70 cm
30 cm


Full sun and light shade.
soil conditions


Well drained soil.
urban growing


Water regularly.
Feed often.

Our Top Tip

Once established, amaranth needs little care and is very heat tolerant. Avoid soil becoming waterlogged.

About growing as a micro green.

Micro greens are eaten fresh and raw, and the fresher the leaves are, the more vitamins and minerals they contain. To grow as a micro green sow densely on firm soil in a 10cm pot, let them grow to 10cm tall before harvesting the baby leaves for your salads.

In The Records

The genus name Amaranthus originally comes from the Greek word Auapavboc meaning "one that does not wither" or 'unfading'. Stands to reason with Amaranth's reputation for loving a heat wave.
Features Perfect for pots, unusual variety, grow your own food and plenty of fruits
Locations Window box, balconies, containers and garden bedsWindow box, balconies, containers and garden beds
Effort Level Looks after itself
Botanical Name Amaranthus 'Red Army'.
Other Names Calaloo, Rajgira and Lal Saag.
Plant Type Annual
Pot Size 30 cm
Pet/Baby Safe Yes.
Number of Seeds 5
Sowing Tips Sow seeds thinly in warm, damp well drained soil lightly covered and keep on a sunny windowsill.
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