chives seeds


pom-pom flowers and mild onion taste chive leaves.

What's not like about these very useful cut herbs. From their pompon like lilac flowers, to their delicious light onion taste which is still half firm favourite of our favourite dip for crisps.

why it's special:

  • Hardy garden herb which will bring fresh kitchen tastes. 
  • Great for your garden health and known to deter rabbits.
  • Grows fast in containers and you can be enjoying fresh herbs.

good to know:

Plant LightShade friendly

Windowsill PlantGrows indoors

Windowsill PlantFuss free

PlantHealthy herbal

Botanical name: Allium Schoenoprasum
Open pollinated, GMO free seeds.

plant size

30 cm
25 cm



Sun or light shade.

soil conditions


Well drained soil.

urban growing


Sun or light shade.
Occasional feeding.

tip title

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Add the best tip about growing the plants.

care tip

When plants have filled a pot, move into a larger pot or lift out and divide the rootball using a sharp knife.


botanical name
Allium Schoenoprasum.

other names
Chives, Cive, Onion Grass, Schnittlaugh, Seithes + Seives.

plant type

pot size
30 cm

pet / baby safe

approx. number of seeds

sowing guide
Sow seeds directly in warm, damp well drained soil lightly covered. Keep in a sunny spot until germination.

about chives

Chives are a popular member of the onion family. Chives are the mildest of all the onions. This herb is native to Britain, Northern Europe and North America. They are the easiest to grow fresh herbs used for beautiful cooking.

in the records

Medieval gardeners often planted Chives around the borders for both decoration and to deter harmful insects. It was thought hanging bunches of chives around a house could also ward off evil.