edible flower seed set


grow, bloom and eat from your own edible flower garden.

A variety of flower seeds to grow into beautiful edible flowers that can be used to decorate cakes, garnish a drink (or two) or brighten a garden salad.

why it's special:

  • Contains 3 seed packets to grow: Calendula, Cornflower and Nasturtium.
  • Great companion plants for your garden veggies.
  • Easily can be grown in pots or windowsills.

good to know:

Plant LightSun + shade

Windowsill PlantFuss free

PlantFast growing

Botanical names: chamaemelum nobile · centaurea cyanus · tropaeolum majus
Open pollinated, GMO free seeds.

in this seed set

Soil Conditions

nasturtium gleam field

Soil Conditions


Soil Conditions

calendula 'snow princess'