Kale 'Green Curled Dwarf' Seeds

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Micro Green
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Most Light Conditions
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Perfect for Pota
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Micro Green
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Most Light Conditions
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kale seeds for leafy goodness or microgreens.

T-shirts are worn by Beyonce, you're offered it in a smoothie, salads, anywhere it can be used. Kale is just filled with goodness. Budding health benefits, grown as a microgreen add a sense of healthy eating to your salads... or burgers. 

why it's special:

  • Like all kale, is very hardy and stands well in the harshest of weather.
  • Extremely high in vitamin and goodness minerals.
  • Can be grown to full maturity or as a microgreen for salad toppers.

when to sow


when to harvest

Plant size

60 cm
45 cm


Light shade.
soil conditions


Rich, well drained soil.
urban growing


Water regularly.
Feed often.

Our Top Tip

Keep kale cool and watered during the summer months.
Protect with mesh from the city pigeons if needed.

About kale ‘dwarf green curled’

A British staple introduced in the mid-1800s, this popular little brassica grows densely curled, green leaves and is on the smaller side of things. Unlike other kales, it thrives in poorer soils and windy environments, and will continue to produce tender greens even during harsh winter conditions (ideal for an english garden). It’s perfect for unsheltered, windswept plots and allotments with poor soil. (Of course, it also does brilliantly in rich soil too.)

In The Records

The modern craze for Kale started in the noughties when the American Kale Association worked with publicist Oberon Sinclair, who made it the IT food by placing it in the best restaurants - which then escalated to Beyonce wearing a Kale t-shirt.
Features Perfect for pots, most like conditions, hardy and micro-greens
Locations Terraces, containers and kitchen gardens
Effort Level Needs some love
Botanical Name Brassica oleracea.
Other Names Kale 'Dwarf Green Curled', Brassica oleracea var. acephala 'Dwarf Green Curled' + Borecole 'Dwarf Green Curled'.
Plant Type Annual
Pot Size 50 cm
Pet/Baby Safe Dog + cat safe.
Number of Seeds 350
Sowing Tips Sow 2 seeds in small holes on firm prepared soil. Cover, keep well watered and place in a warm sunny spot.
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