Oregano 'Greek' Seeds

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Perfect for Pots
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Most Light Conditions
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Grow Your Own
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towering garden herb leaves and white spiky flowers.

The legend of Oregano goes, it was created by the Greek Goddess of love, Aphrodite, grown as a symbol of joy in her garden. 

why it's special:

  • A brilliant addition to your kitchen garden and the perfect pairing with tomatoes
  • Great for your garden health and deters cucumber beetles
  • Grows fast in containers and you can be enjoying fresh herbs

when to sow


when to harvest

Plant size

50 cm
30 cm


Sun or light shade.
soil conditions


Well drained soil.
urban growing


Sun or light shade.
Occasional feeding.

Our Top Tip

Keep compact, trimming growth after the flowers fade and avoid plant becoming waterlogged.

About oregano greek

Compared to other varieties of oregano, there really is nothing remarkable about Greek oregano from an ornamental viewpoint. It simply has hairy dark green leaves with small white flowers. But despite its aesthetic shortcomings this Mediterranean native may have, it compensates for in the kitchen. While there are many varieties of oregano, Greek oregano is considered the “true oregano” and is typically the oregano that graces the standard supermarket spice rack. And, if you are curious about Greek oregano uses, it is savored for its strong aroma and spicy intense flavor and is prominently used in Greek, Italian, or Spanish cuisine in homemade pizzas, tomato sauces, soups, and more.

In The Records

The name comes from the Greek words oros, for “mountain,” and ganos, for “joy” meaning “ joy of the mountains”. The Ancient Greeks believed that if you anoint yourself with Oregano oil you will dream about your future spouse.
Features Perfect for pots, perennial herb and likes direct sunlight
Locations Window box, balconies, containers and garden beds
Effort Level Needs some love
Botanical Name Origanum Vulgare Subsp. Hirtum ‘Greek'
Other Names Winter marjoram.
Plant Type Perennial
Pot Size 30 cm
Pet/Baby Safe Not safe for cats.
Number of Seeds 500
Sowing Tips Sow thinly onto damp but well drained soil and cover. Place in a clear sealed container and keep in a sunny spot until germination.
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