Parsley 'Italian Giant' Seeds

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Perfect for Pots
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Most Light Conditions

giant parsley from italy, with a bigger reputation in the kitchen.

According to an old wife's tale, only the wicked can grow parsley and giving it to someone is bad luck. So perhaps leave it out of your next gift box, unless you are a wicked one yourself! Plant the seeds near your kitchen for easy picking and zesty flavours.

why it's special:

  • Large, flossy leafed parsley variety
  • Great for cooking with high heat resistant leaves
  • Easily grown on windowsills and in containers

when to sow


when to harvest

Plant size

40 cm
30 cm


Full sun or light shade.
soil conditions


Well drained soil.
urban growing


Water weekly.
No need to feed.

Our Top Tip

Watch out in dry weather making sure to give it plenty of water to avoid bolting. Snip out any yellow foliage.

About parsley 'italian giant'

Also known as Italian parsley, flat leaf parsley grows dark green shiny leaves with a strong sweet flavour. Parsley 'Italian Giant' is best known for its gourmet uses, since it can withstand heat and retains its flavour better than household curly parsley.
Italian Giant, is a selective plant with deeply cut, bright green leaves. Known to have better flavour than other varieties, it is increasingly popular in the kitchen, and is indispensable for a huge range of cooked and salad dishes. It is the choice parsley for drying.

In The Records

Parsley is native to the Mediterranean and western Asia. According to ancient Greek legend, Parsley sprang from the place hero Archemorus fell when he was eaten by serpents. The Greeks held the plant sacred, and it was never put on their plates.
Features Perfect for pots, garden herbs, repels aphids and likes sunlight
Locations Window box, balconies, containers and garden beds
Effort Level Looks after itself
Botanical Name Petroselinum crispum var. neapolitanum
Other Names Flat Leaf Parsley and Italian Parsley.
Plant Type Biennial
Pot Size 20 cm
Pet/Baby Safe Yes.
Number of Seeds 175
Sowing Tips Sow thinly onto damp but well drained soil and cover. Place in a clear sealed container and keep in a sunny spot until germination.
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