Gardening with kids at the beginning can be a bit of a hurdle, all of those Latin names, fussy plants who like it just right and will tell you very quickly if they are packing it in.

We at herboo are all about inspiring kids to be engaged with nature, and to feel creative in making a garden anywhere. More gardens the better in our eyes, making for cleaner air in cities, happier heads and busy honey bees.

So all of these plants we have picked out are to make it easier and with a few perks along the way to make a happy garden on a windowsill, terrace or patch of earth.

We've got plenty of these varieties you can try in our nature box or individually in our seed shop.

giant sunflowers - spring summer

Herboo Sunflower Plants

It's a real favourite with kids. These sun loving flowers will grow super tall and will attract all sorts of bees, butterflies and pollinators which will land on the flowers giant platform to eat up some nectar. You can have sunflower races, count with their seeds and feed the old flowers to the birds.

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cosmos sensation - spring summer

Herboo Cosmos Sensation

They're bright, easy to grow liking mild to warm weather, sow them indoors in April / May time, cover with a clear bag to keep the seeds warms and once grown and outdoors will soak up the sun in the summer.

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french breakfast radishes - spring summer

Herboo French Breakfast Radish

A great starter plant for kids, they'll be ready to harvest and on the plate in a salad within a month and give off beautiful colours. Try spreading out planting for every 3 weeks to have continuous radish supply.

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blue cornflowers - spring summer

Herboo Cornflowers

Bright blue flowers, that got their name from being found in the cornfield (surprise!), they're an easy wildflower that will grow quickly, produce deep blue flowers and look great in a vase as well as the garden.

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red amaranthus - all year long

Herboo Red Amaranthus

What makes these special, is that ordinarily grown they'll grow with big red and green leaves. But if you grow with kids in a shallow tray, you can add to salads as a micro-greens. Kids will love how quick they grow and you'll love how good they are for them to eat.

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forget-me-nots - spring summer

Herboo Forget Me Not

You'll often see these in early spring flowering in parks, they're a brilliant plant to grow with kids as they will really bloom, are tough and can handle a few prods from little hands and you'll enjoy seeing the bees dance across the flowers. 

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