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9 Plants to Create an Instant Garden Impact

Whether you are starting in a new garden fresh, or perhaps for the first time, a young garden can feel patchy and need instant impact colour, foliage and scent. Discover our list of top-performing winners that will make your garden feel established and thriving in no time.

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Plants that grow quickly have a special knack at making us feel pretty great about gardening. Speedy-growing plants are also quite a bargain. They rapidly cover up bare patches with their attractive leaves or bright flowers, creating the impression of a mature garden in just a few seasons. Pick a few from the list below, and you'll soon have a garden that makes you look like a pro, in no time.

Cosmos 'Apricotta' Seeds

tall annual flowers: cosmos

Unless you are growing a Giant Sunflower, it is sometimes hard to achieve high heights within a year of growing your garden. Cosmos, however, not only grow to a height of over 2 metres, but they also do so with a profusion of daisy-like petals in bright and confident colours.

Parsley 'Italian Giant' Seeds

flavoursome herbs: parsley

Getting to work in the garden is also getting the garden to work. For so many of us, that starts with a herb garden. Parsley is a biennial plant; that grows delicious, fragrant leaves in its first year. Most will treat it as an annual as the foliage can be woody in the second year as the plant is trying to go to seed.

Borage Seeds

nectar sources: borage

Flowers are often gratefully followed by pollinators that keep our gardens happy. Aside from Borage being a quick-growing plant to bloom, it amazingly takes just 2 minutes to refill itself with nectar (compared to some flowers that take up to 24 hours). Borage also has a long flowering period which means they keep the bees in your garden for longer.

Nasturtium 'Gleam Fields' Seeds

softening trails: nasturtium

Hard wall edges of new gardens can make us feel that there is still room for the plants to grow. Nasturtium does a great job at softening these corners, trailing over the border and down with big, vibrant green edible leaves and flowers. Nasturtium also works as a trap crop for pests, keeping them away from your prized growing plants.

Sweet Pea 'Little Sweetheart' Seeds

climbing blooms: sweet peas

Plant sweet peas under support, such as a wigwam or a wireframe. Sweet peas bring vines of beautifully fragrant blooms that brighten up an otherwise stark wall. You can even sow in 2-week successions to grow continuously until autumn.

Radish 'French Breakfast' Seeds

quick to the table: radish french breakfast

Of course, some vegetables are larger to fill a garden space, but none can beat the versatility and quick-growing nature of Radish French Breakfast. From seed to table in 3 weeks, Radishes are an ideal vegetable to master for new gardens. Radishes can be grown in garden bed gaps and sown in 2-week successions for a continuous crop.

Rudbeckia 'Goldsturm' Seeds

fast perennials: rudbeckia

Rudbeckia offers a late summer and autumn display of golden flowers. When planted early in the year can grow from seed to blooms within their first year. Rudbeckia can be an impressive alternative for Echinacea lovers that otherwise will wait an extra year for flowers.

Poppy Pandora Seeds

cut flowers: poppy pandora

One of the best garden joys, flowers are grown in the garden, cut and proudly presented in the house. Poppy Pandora blooms are bountiful, leaving many to spare for the flower beds and the vases.

Amaranth 'Red Army' Seeds

interest & intrigue: amaranth red army

A cosmopolitan annual (or short-lived perennial), Amaranth grows a deep rich display of foliage that comes into its own in late summer and early autumn. You will love the small crimson flowers that form tassel-like panicles that seem to drip from the branches in an ornamental fashion.

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