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Winter Kids' Seasonal Box


A collection for the months of winter.

Get ready to explore the changing world outside. Frosty mornings, star-filled skies and bulbs growing underfoot. Winter is whispering in the sky, tickling your cheeks with snowflakes and twinkling stars that live up high.

Imagine a world where everything can be made into something. Create art, stories and favourite things to remember about the season.

Grow greens for your garden and flowers to say hello to the sun.

🌺 grow sweet peas

🌱 grow wasabi rocket

💙 grow anemone

🍁 make ice decorations

🦹🏼 make colour chalk

⌛️ make pet rocks

🧞‍♂️ do star gazing, bird feeders, pumpkin bread + puzzles.

Each craft and growing activity has been created by teachers with a love of Montessori, Forest School and Steiner so you'll get the most out of learning + fun.

The box contains all of the materials to grow, make and do including soil discs, seeds, fibre pots, crafts and guides and no outdoor space is required.

Delivered in 2-4 working days

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