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Get Inspired with 7 Garden Design Styles

When designing a garden, whether you are a minimalist or a maximalist gardener, the key is to create a garden scheme you will love for the years to come.

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Now more than ever, the garden has become the new living space. It is for entertaining, for play and the occasional alfresco Zoom call. In short, it's a space you want to feel at home in. That's why finding the right garden style is so important. Whether you're doing a bit of planting or a complete overhaul, we hope you will be inspired by these 7 beautiful garden ideas and find your match.

garden design style: wildlife garden

A wildlife garden is all about embracing the natural world. Natural garden ideas like planting native plants such as Forget-me-not attract birds, beneficial insects and small mammals. Use undisturbed log piles, build a bug hotel or place a water bath to encourage nature. In turn, the natural world will keep down your numbers of aphids, slugs and other pests. Choose nectar flowers that will bring pollinators to your garden. Try companion planting to create a natural balance in your garden.

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Garden design style: Mediterranean garden

Made formal or rustic. A Mediterranean garden takes inspiration from the green shrubbery of hotter climates. Use gravel between drifts of architectural perennials that are drought resistant-like lavender, olives or rosemary. The scheme is adaptable to the British weather - but be sure to protect those that dislike a wet winter.

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garden design style: modern garden

Use clean, crisp lines in modern garden design. Polished concrete, contrasts against sculptural plants like Amaranth. Think geometrically about the space and keep out any fussy ideas or clutter. Water is often a key feature, offering movement, sound and pensive reflection. The idea here is to create something which feels ordered; yet calming relief from the humdrum.

Materials tend to be in block placements - think slate, wood, stone and plants are work, in the same manner, considered to provide interest and excitement through the season.

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Garden design style: a formal garden

Balanced harmony of perfect symmetry. Formal gardens are for those wanting to make an entrance. Hard and soft landscaping with a geometric structure often around a central feature. Try symmetrical planting along a path leading to a focal point, like a sculpture.

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garden design style: cottage gardens

Flowers and intrigue spill over soft beds to create narrow pathways and masses of scent and character. Create height with towering Lupins or plant ornamental Verbena in front of garden beds. Work with repetitive colour and planting. Start with structural plants infilled with pretty flowering plants. If you don't have metre-deep beds, try placing climbers at the back of the border.

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garden design style: maximalist gardens

Our brightest gardening trend is a Maximalist garden design. With no timid blooms in view, a maximalist garden is statement gardening. Our boldest colour palette yet. Generously plant large sculptural flowers, such as Zinnia Pop Art with Rudbeckia and fascinating shapes such as Crazy Daisy. Create wavy beds of interest, antique brightly painted garden furniture and a strict Aperol cocktail at 6pm.

Maximalist design is all about throwing out the rulebook, so feel free to fill your garden with contrasting colours for each season and the occasional sculpture - if not a gnome.

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So, if you're feeling inspired by these 7 styles of garden, grab a pen and paper and get drawing out your ideal garden design.

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