Without the bees, we would be without plants and without plants there would be no us. Sometimes with our wants for beautiful outdoor spaces, or more cities we forget to look after our buzzing friends. So to help out, we can make the world a better place, by making a garden anywhere. In a pot, on a windowsill, front door, terrace or garden. 

Here are some of their favourite plants and flowers to think about in your garden to keep the honey bees buzzing and butterflies fluttering. 

Herboo Rosemary

Rosemary - Autumn Winter months

Known to flower as late as early December. Delicious for your kitchen cooking, and for the bees. With their fragrant lilac or white flowers that make a great snack. You can also try rubbing the rosemary leaves in your hands for a good whiff. 

Herboo Sunflowers

Sunflowers - Spring Summer months

Golden beacons, they really do bring out all sorts of pollinators and that includes our bumble bee friends. 

Their heads will move towards the sun, so it's kind of a sunbathe and snack time for the bugs. We have a not so secret Teddy Bear variety favourite.

Herboo Echinacea 'Purpurea'

Echinacea - Spring Summer months

It's a really wonderful plant for pollinators. With their large cone landing pads and bright colours you'll see many a type of bees visiting along with butterflies and a few birds. We have the beautiful purple cone variety.

Herboo Cosmos Sensation Seeds

Cosmos - Spring Summer months

Taste out of this world for the bees? We know that they love to dance across these bright and flavourful flowers. They come in many colours, we have Sensations and White in our shop. 

Snowdrop Bulbs

Snow Drops - Winter months

Arriving like clockwork in January, often in woods or under trees, these bright white flowers can look like a blanket of snow. For those bees who are awake they make a great place for food and they'll dance all over them.


Herboo Lavender Seeds

Lavender - Spring Summer months

We have never met a bee that doesn't love lavender. And in fact, some people love the taste of lavender honey so much they grow lavender near the hives to make the honey taste like lavender flowers. You'll find our favourite lavender in our shop.